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Satiety (“fullness”) with the health benefits of DHA (omega-3)!

ActiLean shakes are a unique, patent-pending meal replacement that render all other meal substitutes obsolete!

Hunger and food cravings are the two most common reasons why people struggle to stay on weight loss programs, but what if you could lose weight and actually feel fuller each week you dieted? Now with ActiLean shakes, you can!

How is this possible? The experience of hunger, appetite, and fullness, despite popular belief, originates in the brain and not in the stomach. A small area in the brain called the hypothalamus receives electrical signals from nerves and chemical signals carried in the blood about when, what and how much food you’ve eaten. Although each component of food reduces hunger to some extent, protein reduces hunger the most and fat the least.

Low calorie liquid meal replacements are among the most studied and most successful strategies for losing weight, but only if you stay with them. Standard meal replacements rely on the protein in the formula to suppress hunger and create a feeling of fullness, but this is only partially effective.

What makes ActiLean different? New research has found that adding micronutrients to one's diet, previously overlooked in terms of hunger suppression, can dramatically reduce hunger and increase the feeling of fullness. Only ActiLean's unique patent-pending formulation includes the nutrients, micronutrients, and the form/dose of DHA (omega-3) necessary to maintain this feeling of fullness while losing weight. As shown in the actual data graphed below, subjects on ActiLean shakes felt significantly fuller the longer they stayed on the program. This has NOT reported with other meal replacement products.

Scientifically, it is likely that ActiLean works by increasing hormones produced in the small intestine known as PYY 3-36 and CCK, both of which act as chemical messengers of fullness to an area in the hypothalamus. In addition, ActiLean may also increase another hormone produced in the intestine (GLP-1), which further signals the hypothalamus that a person has recently eaten their fill. Finally, it is probable that changes in the types of bacteria found in the intestine with consuption of ActiLean shakes and bars may contribute to the fullness factor and weight loss.

In addition to the great taste and fullness provided by ActiLean products, they contain 240 mg of DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid). DHA is found in all tissues of the body but it represents over 95% of the omega-3s found in the brain! Medical studies suggest multiple health benefits are associated with higher omega-3 intake. In fact, even some prescription medications use high doses of omega-3s to improve blood lipid levels. These health benefits are found primarily with DHA and, to a lesser extent EPA (EicosaPentaenoic Acid). Unfortunately, the commonly used omega-3 ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) found in flaxseed has minimal health benefits in adults.

Now that you know the science behind it, isn't it time that you experience the ActiLean difference for yourself?