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Actilean Products - 240 mg of Vegetarian DHA (Omega-3)

High Protein Bars and Shakes with the Proven Health Benefits of DHA

Increased fullness and Great Taste GUARANTEED!

Health Benefits and Uses

  • Weight Management – use 2-3 per day as a tasty, high-DHA, high protein snack or occasional meal replacement to facilitate reduction and maintenance of a lower body weight.

  • Pregnancy and Nursing – For optimal brain, eye, and nervous system development, each bar provides 240 mg of the recommended 300 mg of DHA needed daily.

  • Children and Adolescents – For optimal growth and neurological function, they are a delicious (honestly) healthy, high-protein (15 grams) snack. Recommended intake one or two daily.

  • Adults and Baby Boomers – To support cardiovascular, liver, brain, and eye health. Recommended intake one or two daily.

  • Seniors - Besides the demonstrated cardiovascular benefits, each bar provides 240 mg of the 900 mg of algal-derived DHA that was demonstrated to improve learning and memory function in individuals 55 years and older.

About Vegetarian DHA (omega-3) and our Products (click to expand)

Our products use Martek’s/DSM’s vegetarian-produced DHA and thus, there is no heavy metal/PCB contamination as found in fish-oil based products and NO fish smell or taste - only the wonderful taste of a chocolate peanut butter cup (as in our bars), GUARANTEED! The vast majority of nutrition bars and protein shakes do not provide any DHA, with an occasional one providing literally 1/8th (32 mg) of the amount of DHA we provide in a tasty, filling treats. We use proprietary microencapsulation of the DHA to achieve this.

Many believe that you can obtain the health benefits of DHA from ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) however, the truth is that virtually no ALA is converted to the critical DHA in adults (please see page 13 of the recommendations of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids).


We have been involved for DECADES in research, treatment, and teaching other health professionals about weight management and eating disorders. We have used our collective knowledge and expertise to develop the state-of-art NON-MEDICALLY supervised /self-directed Actilean weight management program.

We spent years on developing fantastic tasting products that are high in DHA (omega-3s) to help address the pervasive lack of these critical components in our diets (please click on the Science Tab for further information). Our products, besides being excellent for weight management purposes have multiple other uses as noted above.